Loyal Gardening Club Program


Goebbert’s Loyal Gardening Club (LGC) is designed to reward your loyalty. Your purchases during April, May & June will earn 1 point for every $1.00 you spend on merchandise. When your loyalty balance meets 500 points, those points will be redeemed for a $50.00 Goebbert’s Reward.

Any additional points will continue towards your next $50.00 Goebbert’s Reward. Goebbert’s Rewards are redeemable starting the day after the reward has been earned and only during April, May, and June. Points may be carried over to the following year. Exceptions may also apply on certain promotions or products.

To sign up for the Loyal Gardening Club, you will need to see the cashier in the market. They will need your name and phone number in order to get you started. If you would like to provide your mailing address, we send out one newsletter per season in April that previews the spring classes, new products and offerings available each season! Every time you shop during the months of April, May and June – simply give the cashier your phone number to earn your points.

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