Shrubs And Trees

We have a large selection of the most popular varieties of trees and shrubs. We also carry some unique and hard to find varieties for both sun and shade.

Easy-To-Grow Shrub Favorites

Barberry (Berberis)

Range of heights from 18” to 4′, mostly burgundy foliage, but green and yellow also. All of these plants have thorns, so they make a good barrier plant; should be pruned by thinning and heading back.


Includes varieties that lose their leaves (Burning Bush) and those that do not (Emerald Gaiety.) Many of the evergreen types have variegated foliage; adds color to the landscape.


Numerous varieties carried. Plant heights range from 2-3′ to 6-8′ and from full sun to shade. Flower color is mainly creamy white with some varieties having pink overtones. “Endless Summer” will turn blue if treated. “Oakleaf” Hydrangea has very striking foliage and a great fall color.


Great small shrub that flowers all summer; variety of flower color but mostly yellow. Need to be thinned and headed back every year.


A great way to add color to your landscape.  Little Devil has a lush purple color and Amber Jubilee has a stunning yellow/orange color.


Great group of mostly small shrubs. Some varieties have golden foliage, others have a yellowish and orange mix, while others are all green; good red fall foliage. Mostly sunny locations but some can tolerate a very light shade.

Lilac (Syringa)

Dwarf varieties better suited to the landscape. “Dwarf Korean Lilac” grows to about 4’, “Miss Kim” to about 5′ and common Lilac to about 6′. Bloomerang is a reblooming dwarf lilac that blooms of and on all summer.  Can’t beat the scent!


A big group of mostly large shrubs that are very good for accent plants or for screening. Most have a good fall color; some varieties like “Korean Spice” are very fragrant.


Includes many small to medium sized shrubs with many foliage variations including purple, variegated green and white, gold and green, and bronze and green. Flower colors are mostly pink shades, but coupled with purple foliage, and the results are stunning.

Ash Leaf Spirea

Tropical looking foliage with a yellow and orange color.  Adds great texture to any landscape

Our Top Trees

Goebbert's apple trees

Fruit Trees

Gala Apple
Honeycrisp Apple
Montmorency Cherry
Lapin Sweet Cherry
Reliance Peach

Ornamental Trees

Japanese Maple
Crabapple Tree